Resilient + Trustworthy + Iconic

Hippo Realty stands as an emblem of resilience, trustworthiness, and iconic presence in the real estate market. Our logo, the majestic hippo, symbolizes the strength and steadfast support we provide to each of our clients, guiding them through their real estate journeys with unwavering reliability. As a company deeply rooted in the principles of integrity and excellence, Hippo Realty has become synonymous with a trustworthy and iconic partner in finding your perfect home or selling your property.

When using the Hippo Realty logo, especially in the context of events we sponsor or any promotional activities, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines to maintain the integrity and impact of our brand:

  1. Do Not Alter the Logo: The logo should be used as provided, without any modifications. This includes maintaining the original colors, proportions, and orientation to ensure consistent brand representation.

  2. Clear Space: Always leave sufficient clear space around the logo. This ensures that it stands out and is easily recognizable, free from visual clutter or interference from other elements.

  3. Appropriate Backgrounds: Use the logo on backgrounds that ensure good visibility and legibility. Avoid using busy or clashing backgrounds that could detract from the logo's impact.

  4. Size Appropriately: Ensure the logo is sized appropriately for the medium it is being used in. It should be large enough to be easily identifiable but not so large as to overshadow the content or message it accompanies.

We are proud of the reputation Hippo Realty has built, represented through our logo, and appreciate your support in maintaining its stature. By following these guidelines, you help us ensure that every time our logo is displayed, it reinforces the qualities of resilience, trustworthiness, and iconic service that define us.

For any questions or further clarification on the proper use of the Hippo Realty logo, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, let's continue to build a brand that stands out in the hearts and minds of our community.